By Kenneth W. Billotte



            Hook - #12 Orvis Beadhead, 122J, 2X Long

            Thread - Black 6/0

            Body Pheasant Tail

            Shuck Fox Squirrel Tail

            Wing Dun CDC Feather

            Thorax Peacock Herl

            Legs Pheasnat Tail Barb Ends

            Rib Fine Copper Wire


Step 1. Dress hook and build up thorax area with closed cell foam or other suitable material. Lead wire can be used if fishing sub-surface is planned.
Step 2. Tie in wire and six PT barbs about 1/8 inch behind wire. This should allow for about three wraps of the PT to get back to the wire.
Step 3. Wrap the PT forward to the wire and tie off then tie in a clump of Fox Squirrel Tail hair.
Step 4. Lock the end of the squirrel tail hair in a clamp or hackle pliers.
Step 5. Bring the thread forward to about the middle of the built up thorax. Wind the PT to the thread and tie off with the tips of the barbs on the under side of the body. These will form the legs of the shuck.
Step 6. Tie in two dun CDC feathers by their tips, three strands of peacock herl and two barbs of PT (This last step with the barbs can be added after the thorax and wings are formed to make installing of the emergers front legs a bit easier. 
Step 7. Separate the PT barbs to form three legs on each side. Then wrap the three strands of peacock herl between the legs to form the thorax of the shuck. Gripping the herl in a clamp and twisting as you wrap makes this step easier. Tie off the herl at the front then form a loop on the top of the thorax, tie off and clip of the excess. This forms the thorax of the emerger. Clamp the CDC feathers with a clip one at a time and twist each feather slightly. Bring forward forming a loop wing and tie off. Repeat with second wing. Cut off excess.
Step 8. Release squirrel from clamp. Divide into two equal parts. Bring the far side half forward and tie off. Then do the near side
Step 9. Wrap the copper wire forward moving the legs and wing out of the way with a bodkin as you wrap. Tie off at the head just in front of the wings.
Step 10. Tie in two PT barbs with the thicker ends back over the wings. The thinner ends can be left to form the antennae. Pull the squirrel tail tips down below the hook eye and tie off. Cut off leaving enough to form the forward shuck. Finish the head with wraps of thread. Bend the PT barbs forward and tie down. Whip finish between front legs and wing. Break all the leg tips with tweezers to form joints and finish with a coat of flex cement on the legs, head and top of body.


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