Flies with Tying Instructions
The Mutton Hollow Outfitters have had a very impressive submission to our site. 

 Ken’s Midge Pupa - Black
By Kenneth W. Billotte

Hook - #20-22 Shrimp/Caddis Dai Riki #135
Thread - Black 8/0 Petitjean Split Second
Body – Black Larva Lace Hollow Body with Black Ultra Wire Core
Thorax – Black CDC
Cheeks – Red Floss


Step 1. Grip a ¾ inch piece of Larva Lace Hollow Body Material (Black/Large) in 8” Needle nose pliers. Cut off and immerse in hot water until flat and ribbing effect is set.

Step 2. Clip ribbed Larva Lace to a point on flatter end and insert Black Ultra Wire (Large) into other end. Push in until wire reaches clipped end. Cut wire off. Lead wire can be substituted for Ultra Wire but is a little harder to insert.

Step 3. Tie body on top of hook leaving enough room behind eye for tying off cheeks and whip finishing. Use thread that can be split.

Step 4. Tie in red floss loop at the rear of the thorax making sure each end of the loop is on the side of the thorax.

Step 5. Use the Petitjean Magic Tool to prepare the Black CDC for insertion into thread loop. Cut stem of CDC feather (as shown in second picture) off.

Step 6. Flatten thread between thumbnail and index  finger. Then split thread with a needle. Petitjean has a good tool for this. Use the split thread to form a loop and insert the clip with CDC fibers. Tighten loop and release clip. Spin thread to lock in fibers forming a dubbing rope.

Step 7. Wrap dubbing rope around thorax area pulling the CDC fibers toward the rear with each wrap. When done take several wraps and lock thread with a half hitch.

 Step 8. Pull floss loop forward. Make sure CDC is evenly separated top and bottom and floss cheeks are on sides of thorax. Tie off floss loop behind eye and cut off excess. Whip finish.

Step 9. Trim CDC to form thorax. Bend body at right angle to hook shank and form a curve in the tail with tweezers. Done!

Some finished flies shown below using different combinations of Larva Lace and Ultra Wire.


Midge Pupa - Red              Midge Pupa - Clear/Blk.      Midge Pupa-Clear/Red 





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