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Handling Fish and Trout during a catch and release:

What to do:

1.  If at all possible, leave the fish in the water and unhook it without touching it (use your hemostats or pliers)..

2.  If you must handle the fish, make sure that you wet your hands. This is especially true with trout fishing.

3.  Gently hold the fish with two wet hands and get it back into the water as quickly as possible

4.  If you’re river fishing, point the fish into the current while it breathes.

5.  Support it gently into the current until it swims out of your hands

What not to do:

Squeeze a fish

2. Throw a fish back into the water like an unused piece of live bait

3.  Put your fingers into the gills

4.  Let the fish flop around on the ground

More Tips

·         Clean your fly line often.  Use a mild detergent with water, wash and rinse.  Allow it to dry prior to replacing on the reel.

·         If your fly line is curling from being on the reel have a friend help you stretch it.  If  you’re fishing alone, use a pole, tree, or the ball of a hitch.

·          You can use several products to dress your fly line.  There is commercial line dressing, or you can use ArmorAll.  Be sure to clean your guides, also.  It makes casting easier.

·         For an enjoyable fishing trip you should have with you several items:  Aqua seal (to repair your waders), Pliobond (for felt and wading shoe repair)

·         Early in trout season, like deer season, use hand warmers, both in your pockets and on your feet.  They make the fishing on those cold mornings enjoyable.

·         If you own several fly lines of different weights, mark the lines a couple of feet up with a marking pen.  5 marks indicate a 5-weight line.

·         A great way to meet other fly fisherman is by sharing flies.  You’ll make lasting friends and may even get a great pattern in return.

                                        Tight Lines J.T.